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Big SPIDER-MAN 2 news regarding the rough of the trailer Avi just showed in Japan!!!

Hey folks, Harry here... as if watching LOST IN TRANSLATION and KILL BILL didn't make me wish I was in Japan enough, along comes this description of the SPIDER-MAN 2 trailer that Avi Arad just showed a gaggle of businessmen in Japan. Ya know... tonight, when you go to sleep, you're going to dream of this trailer... You'll wake up stuck to your covers all James Cameron Spidey fashion. You'll see... it'll be awful, but for now... THIS RULES HARDCORE!!!

Hey Harry!

first time writer here, from Japan. I got some exciting stuff to tell. I just saw the rough trailer for Spiderman 2, fresh off the hands of the executive producer Avi Arad. Today it was Marvel Enterprise Inc.'s Presentation in Tokyo to announce Marvel Inc Japan, everybody from Japan clothing, food, toys, etc industries were there for the presentation. The purpose is mainly to gain new Japanese business partners. It was a very interesting and boring presentation. Because like any other business presentations, they are trying to sell stuff. I have been a Marvel Maniac since I was a kid (From the States originally) I mean it was exciting listening to them talking about Marvel characters but it is boring at the same time, with charts and analyzation on popularity of Marvel characters to consumers in Japan (as oppose to Pokemon, Digi-mon crap). Anywho......for a big company like Marvel, the presentation DID SUCK, because! the Power Points are the worst I ever seen and they keep messing up the order (in business class, you get a big O "F")  

ok, I was falling asleep until, bang Avi Arad shows up, telling people about Marvel Movies. Shows past trailers like Blade, Spiderman, X-Men, Hulk, etc. Using the LAME line "we have about 10 characters from Marvel superhero Database that are being made into Movies and use as promotion for product, we still HAVE 49,000 characters left for you (the companies) to get license from us" (yeah, translation: good characters has been used, you Japanese get the left over crap, jkjk). OK, to Spiderman 2  

Avi Arad, warn us that this cut was just done about a few days ago (FRESH from Sam Raimi!!!!) No CG was done, nothing was finished, just rough. At first I thought it was the Comic Con footage (I never seen it, I would of been happy just with that), but NO, it is the rough cut of the trailer that is either going to be shown in December. I can tell ya the trailer is about 2 minutes. I can also tell ya, I crap and pissed my pants after I saw it.  

Ok, the footage is top secret stuff, why? it has the CEO name of Marvel printed on the copy. Dead center of the footage. No one is going to steal this copy and release it on the net.  

Ready? FULL description:  

Mary Jane and Peter at a resturant talking. (I think the pictures that was on the net a while ago was this scene) MJ: Do you love me? PP: (pause for a bit) No (not very convincing). (It is a very slow scene) MJ: Kiss me, Peter (leans over, ready to kiss) PP: (trying to resist, but REALLY want to kiss the soft jicy lips of Cutey Dunst, ooohhh, gong for it)....................  

SUDDENLY, in FULL slow motion, PP leans over (like he is going to kiss her), but NO, pushes her away, as a TAXI crashes in behind PP's head, Matrix style slow speed, as PP pulls MJ away, the Taxi is flying in mid-air, just inches away from PP's head, broken glass everywhere, in slow motion. PP and MJ hit the floor, the Taxi's tires just barely passes by PP's eye balls. Back to regular speed, Taxi crash into the back wall of the cafe/resturant.  

Shot from outside, tentacles (YEAH!!!) moving towards to cafe at a FAST SPEED. walks in Doc Ock, he is floating in air, only the tentacles are moving on the ground. AWESOME!!!! then the Doc, smiles madly at them. After this full scene, is all fast editing (most of it in CG wireframe) BUT ALOT, means, this trailer is FULL of FX once it is complete!!!  

ok, remember the last scene of spiderman 1 where spidey swing around in the money shot of NY city, think if that multiply by 100!!! spidey is all over the place, swing like crazy!!! FULL ON, no cuts, just kept swinging and swinging. Then we got a scene, (looks like before the scene in Comic Con) with Doc Ock, flexing the tentacles in front of the scentists (before they were beat up). His back with fused tentacles facing the Camera.  

Then we got scenes of spidey battles Doc Ock, Doc Ock using his tentacles throwing (I MEAN THROWING!!!) loads of cars and taxis at the swinging Spidey, loads of expolsion!! as the cars hits buildings near by in the NY streets. Spider is trying hard to dodge them.  

One cool scene is, Doc Ock, successfully KICK spidey's ASS, knocks him out with the tentacles and carries him away. Then next scene, put him down in front of a fire place with his tentacles. Where you see Harry, holding a knife ready to stab him with it, and Doc Ock with a big smile in the back, just watching with a gesture "go ahead, stab him"  

More battle scenes, tentacles all over, spidey shooting webs. Doc Ock is pretty much floating in AIR the whole time, his legs never touched ground. AMAZING STUFF!!  

then as the trailer coming to an end, we see a green screen scene of Alfred Molina's face, with a big Doc Ock smile, the camera pans out, Ock is now a wireframe CG character, he climbs up a big building (the building in the poster) like KING KONG STYLE climb on the side of a Empire State. You can tell is right before the final showdown between him and spidey.  

Screen turns black, the number "2" shows up, then "July", then "2004". END  

WOW!!! everyone in the presentation room start CLAPPING!!! I dirtied myself.......even more, right after they showed a FULL uncut video of Spiderman Ride Film at Universal to promote the opening of next year.  

I really hope we get to see this, with FULL CG FX soon. I cant wait. Spidey 2 is expensive and looks expensive. Avi Avad said, "we spend LOAD of MONEY on this, but is money well spend", "Hurry and partner with us, Marvel Inc"  

Well, that is it, I got my free Marvel T-Shirt, Free X-Men 2, DareDevil DVDs, free comics, booklet and a COOL ASS Marvel BAG. Meet quite a few interesting people there, like Sony Pictures Japan CEO, Universal Studio Japan Marketing Director. I consider myself very lucky. Because everyone was there to do business, I was just there to get FREE SHIT.  

Hopefully, I will get a preview pass to Spiderman Ride (maybe the movie too?) because my company I work for as some what a connection with Marvel and Universal.  

Well, I hope this is interesting news, get you guys excitied about Spidey 2. Sam Raimi, you are GOD and please make EVIL DEAD 4!!!!!!!!!!  

Peace out

Call me .........PSION  

Raimi - this is Harry - You will bring a tape of this to Austin IMMEDIATELY, you can not control yourself... yes... now you are scheduling the flight, yes, feel yourself dialing the Airline... yes, you are coming today, today, to show me this trailer... then give it to me so I can watch it 20,000 times over the next 5 days. Yes, you know you will. Yes... Come, give me the trailer!!! You can not resist! While you can't resist, you will go to NEW LINE and sign a contract to direct a $97 million dollar EVIL DEAD 4 movie!

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