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Hints On ANGEL 5.9!!

I am – Hercules!!

Casting pages emerged Tuesday for “Angel” 5.9, which seems to focus quite a bit on vampire secretary Harmony Kendall as she navigates the mundanely macabre corridors of Wolfram & Hart. One senses all the Team Angel regulars might be reduced to supporting players in this installment. Kind of like “The Zeppo.” Actually more like “The Lower Decks.” But way funnier. A few promising details:

* Harm’s fellow secretaries gossip about Winifred’s love life – whether she might be involved with Charles, Wesley or Knox.

* A bit later, Harmony and Winifred will find themselves out drinking and checking out the dudes.

* Harmony will greet a demon accountant arriving to take a meeting with Angel and Charles.

* Harmony will take a call from Lilah Morgan’s mom.

* We’ll learn that Harmony is by no means unique among the firm’s underlings.

* A comically epic breakroom catfight mostly involving guest stars and eating utensils will transpire.

I am – Hercules!!

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