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Hey folks, Harry here… by now, many of you have gotten the drop on what my “STUPENDOUS EARTH-SHATTERING ANNOUNCEMENT” is… That’s right, Michael Fleming got the scoop… Ain’t It Cool News is so lame, that they can’t even get the scoop on Harry Knowles’ first film production deal. Of course I thought announcing my own deal would be like commenting on one's own fart... just rude.

That’s right, Harry Knowles, aka Bloated Sellout, has finally gone and committed to making a movie with Revolution Studios. How did this travesty come to pass? Well, about 6 or 7 weeks ago, visionary studio man, Todd Garner, came to Austin, Tx to negotiate with the University of Texas to get the campus to cooperate with the Tommy Lee Jones flick CHEER UP that is currently shooting in town at the fabulous Austin Studios. On, what I can only imagine was a, lark Todd arranged to have dinner with your intrepid web joker. I went, figuring I could wrestle details about THE MISSING or PETER PAN or POST-HUMAN out of him. Get to talking to him about how they plan on selling HELLBOY to the masses. That type of thing. Oddly, Todd was asking most of the questions, then he asked me if I was interested in producing movies.

I flashed to GHOSTBUSTERS, “Are You A God?” and remembering Zeddemore’s advice I said, “YES.” Next thing I know he’s telling me to come up with a grocery list of ideas to pitch him and he’d be in contact with my agents at Endeavor.

At this point, I was in a bit of a daze, as I’ve been doing this site for about 7 some odd years now and at no point has someone asked me to come up with a bunch of movie concepts, that also had the ability to make them. Add to that, that for years various filmmaking friends have been insisting that I get to making films, I just figured nobody wanted me to be making movies and two… they all figured that with my penchant for ellipses that the only two actors to be able to deliver my dialogue properly… well… they’d have to be… either Christopher… Walken… or… William… Shatner…

So for several weeks, I begin coming up with a list of about 60 projects all having to do with vampires, werewolves and zombies. Then late, the night before I was to meet with Todd “the genius” Garner and Derek “the man” Dauchy, I rethought all of them. I then had a wonderful breakfast where I did all the talking and they did all the eating, and to start with, we wound up agreeing on GHOST TOWN as the first feature film project to be produced by Harry Knowles.

What is GHOST TOWN? Well, it’s a culmination of a whole helluvalot of dreams, hopes and nightmares I’ve had for quite some time. Don’t worry, I’m not writing it. You Talk Backers have taught me that I can’t write worth a crap, so that’s why Revolution and I agreed to enter into negotiations with a multi-award winning writer to bring my “story” to life in such a way as to amaze us all. We should be announcing this writer very soon, and I was hoping to announce his/her name along with mine during this first announcement, but that dang Michael Fleming broke the scoop before we had a chance to finish up his/her deal.

When you folks hear my writer and a few more details, I’m sure many of you will be quite excited. As a producer, I’m aiming to try my darnedest to be a pimple on the asses of my favorite Producers… Like George Pal, Walt Disney, Roger Corman, William Castle, Charles Schneer, Max Fleischer, Joseph Kane, Leon Schlesinger and of course, the Shaw Brothers. In a weird way this will all make more sense after I’ve done the first few projects.

What does this mean for AICN? Well, this deal has been in the works for about 7 weeks now and if you look back, you’ll see we haven’t been pulling our punches on REVOLUTION STUDIOS… I put up both that negative review of RADIO and the lukewarm one on PETER PAN. Revolution hired me as a creative producer, not Ain’t It Cool News. As a result, I will continue to post reviews and commentary about any and all films as both I and you see it.

What about my time? For now, I am committed to doing both… Producing GHOST TOWN and editing and writing for Ain’t It Cool News. Most likely, soon I’ll be bringing on another full time editor, but I’m going to hold off till it is absolutely necessary. As of right now, I’m just working with my screenwriter to beat GHOST TOWN into the best shape possible and working with Revolution to make sure it isn’t quite like anything we’ve seen before. Personally, I can’t wait to see it.

So, that’s the “STUPENDOUS EARTH-SHATTERING ANNOUNCEMENT,” perhaps not as stupendous as if I’d actually lost my virginity or as Earth-Shattering as if I’d married Gwyneth Paltrow… but ya know, I think this is going to make for a mighty interesting life changing sort of decision on my part. I don’t know how many times I’ve written about what movies could be if only such & such didn’t screw this or that up. How often I’ve written about my dreams for projects only to see them fall by the wayside crushed by either a lack of passion or stupidity. Wondering when someone would stop thinking off the list of the current hot things and remember there’s over 100 years of cinema to draw upon, libraries of untapped ideas and dreams yet given life on that blessed silver screen. I want to make the films I’m dying to see on screen. The sort of flicks that answer the question of AIN’T IT COOL with a FUCKING A! Shake the pillars of Heaven as if my flick is powered by the PorkChop Express itself. This time, Headgeek is in charge. Prepare to have your ass kicked!

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