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Hey folks, Harry here... I was on an airplane 2 weeks ago with Dennis Quaid, so it could mean we're doing a feature together, but somehow I think it is more likely that the following is going to happen...


Never contacted you before, but thought you may like this: a friend of mine working at Shepperton Studios on set construction (not Batman) saw Chris Nolan talking with both John Malkovich and Dennis Quaid (at different times) over the last day or so- Ra's Al Ghul and Jim Gordon perhaps? We shall see, but they were at the studio and it seems a little out of the way to go if you're not involved with the project, wouldn't you say? Nolan appeared as though he was explaining stuff to them and showing them around, that kind of thing.

As I believe the routine is to have a nickname at this point, call me Jimmy The Gent.

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