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:-) takes a look at Miramax's COLD MOUNTAIN!

Hey folks, Harry here... seems that the early word that came to us from the early test screenings is holding true so far. COLD MOUNTAIN seems to be hitting some as being a strong film that unravels. Of course, given this film has a strong romance played out, I will hold out hope that it works. I have found that too many tend to hold any period film with romance to contain "Piss Poor" romantic dialogue, instead of simply acknowledging that it is a different time, and affairs of the heart were expressed differently. We'll see. I'm really going to this to see Jude Law and Nicole Kidman... they're two of my favorite actors at the moment and they rarely disappoint...


Managed my way into a screening of "Cold Mountain" last night here in NYC. Apparently, they were looking for people who'd read the book (which I had).

It's good. Whatever. It's a big Miramax Christmas Oscar movie, and you can tell that it knows it.

Some story (with maybe spoilers?)-- Jude Law plays Inman, a Confederate soldier wounded in battle, journeying home to his sweetheart Ada (Kidman) and his beloved North Carolina mountains. The film (like the book) cuts back and forth between his journey and the colorful characters he meets with Ada trying to hold the farm together with the help of Kathy Baker (YEAH!) and Renee Zellweger (Eehh). What's odd about this love story is that Inman and Ada don't know each other that well. They've kissed just one time, but they've been pining away for each other all these years. Not that I mind that, but their romance dialogue is PISS POOR. Like it was lifted from the worst parts of Titanic.

Performances: I did NOT expect Nicole Kidman to be able to pull off a Southern belle. Not only did she pull it off, but she redefined the Southern belle. Her character has the most major arch in the story, and Nicole really brings the audience along with Ada. I saw Dogville at the NY Film Fest this past weekend, and Ada is 180 degrees from her characterization of Grace in that movie (which everyone should see if it ever gets released). Jude was fabulous, really stern and forceful with not a lot of dialogue.

People are gonna love Renee. She'll win an Oscar. Whatever. I thought she was WAY over the top, very annoying. Like she was doing a caricature. Like she was in a minstel show. Also, some of her motivation seemed under-written.

Philip Seymour Hoffman is a MESS. I don't know WHAT he thought he was doing!! Yikes. I think he's channeling Tim Roth in Rob Roy.

There were also great cameos from Jenna Malone, Eileen Atkins (SO good), and my favorite, Natalie Portman, showing she can act for once and not just wear stupid Star Wars costumes.

So that's "Cold Mountain." Pretty long at 2hrs 40mins, with some good moments (killer opening battle sequence), some GROSSLY odd dialogue, and some nice performances. Sounds like a Miramax Christmas to me.


PS-- Although how bad can any movie be in which Melora Walters' only audible line is "Ride me all the way to China"???

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