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Major ANGEL Spoilage!!

I am – Hercules!!

* 5.8 will see the employees of Wolfram & Hart getting some kind of mystical rabies (or something), launching into murderous rages over office supplies and imagined breaches of workplace ettiquette.

* Harmony will be among those who get a case of the crazies, loudly questioning Spike’s decision to choose that “slayer whore” over her.

* The big news is Spike no longer appears to be a ghost at this point. Harmony is able to take a big bite out of Spike’s shoulder. Spike is also able to effortlessly shove employees out of their offices and slug Harm in the kisser.

* I’m guessing Spike stopped being ghosty late in 5.7. A Wolfram functionary seems surprised that Spike can now toss people about.

* The fabulous Eve is back, and even she has to admit that things are indeed odd, even for a multidimensional law firm. “This is bad,” she confirms. “Yeah? You think?” replies Angel, ordering the building sealed off.

* Looks like we may get a flashback or two with vampires Angelus and William in their evil, pre-automobile days.

I am – Hercules!!

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