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ALIAS!! ER!! WEST WING!! (And Xander's Twin'') Herc

I am – Hercules!!

ER. Okay, now that you all know that Luka ain’t really dead, I guess it’s time to tell you they’re kiiling off “ER’s” best character around episode eight this season. You heard right: Robert “Rocket” Romano, who lost an arm to a helicopter rotor last season, will be stripped from the opening credits before midseason. It looks like the helicopter came back to finish the job, as we hear Romano buys it in a chopper crash. “Oh, they just figured out how to make the show even worse; it’s now doomed for certain,” I can hear some of you moan. But “ER” is in no danger of going away. I think it was the number-three show last week, and it easily trounced the competition: CBS’s blockbuster “Without A Trace.”

THE WEST WING. Matthew Perry will return as the White House’s GOP lawyer, Joe Quincy, around the show’s ninth episode (during November sweeps, I’m guessing). He’ll be grieving for a mentor, the Supreme Court’s ancient chief justice. The nation’s top jurist will be transformed into a frail Reaganesque diaper-wearing closet-case during the episode’s opening minutes. Josh Lyman, meanwhile, will be appalled at how badly things are going for Angela, the woman who now handles the administration’s legislative affairs. And young Zoey Bartlet will do a post-kidnapping TV interview.

ALIAS. Those wondering when Sark’s girlfriend, Alison “Evil Francie” Doren, might turn up need only read this:

I just worked on the show on Monday. It was an extremely long day - 17 hours to film one scene. Other people had to stay even longer than I did though, so it probabally ended up being 18 or 19 hours. The reason being is that the scene has a lot of action and complicated camera angles and setups.

The episode that this is for is number 3.6 and it will be titled 'The Nemesis.' This scene is the first time that Francie will be revealed this season.The scene is a club scene in Milan. Sydney is there in one of her disguises and is looking for a diplomat that she is supposed to extract. When she finally spots him, she notices a red dot on him and whips around to spot Evil Francie on the balcony with a sniper rifle. Sydney tackles the guy to the ground to protect him, but it looks like it's to late and the guy dies anyway. Sydney and Francie then get into a gun fight and all the extras in the club go screaming and running for their lives as glass from the club begins to shatter everywhere. Vaughn is also in the scene working with Sydney. He is on the balcony as well, but on the opposite side of the club from where Francie is. Once the shooting starts between Syd and Francie, Vaughn begins firing as well. In the end, from what I could tell, Francie gets away.

Another interesting little tidbit is that Nicholas Brendon's twin brother Kelly Donovan will be in this episode. About mid way through filming he was brought on the set and I had to do a serious double take because I was sure that was Nick. But nope, it's his twin. I'm not exactly sure what his role is. I didn't see him have any dialogue, but he wasn't just an extra either. He very well could have been doing stunt work for someone. Or durring the scene he is in close vicinity to the diplomat that gets killed so he could be playing someone that is in the diplomats camp. But I'm really not sure. All I know is, is that he will be used in the episode somehow.

Hopefully you haven't heard all this before. :)

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