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JURASSIC PARK QUATTRO - Guess who will be back!

Hey folks, Harry here... Ok... what do we know about JURASSIC PARK 4 so far? We know that hotter than J. Lo's ass Writer William Monahan has been writing the script from an original story by Stephen Spielberg. We know that it will not take place in the jungle or any "green" environment. We know that Sam Neill and Jeff Goldblum are on board. We know that Stan Winston's crew are in heavy design mode for the film. We know that there should be a ton of new breeds of dinos, and that Steven has apparently been mining Crichton's original novel for more unused material ( the river sequence? ) Lastly... we know it is set for SUMMER 2005. Well now we know this...

Hi. I was listening to BBC 5 radio station and Sir Richard Attenborough (sp) was talking about his career etc. He stated that Steven Speilberg had contacted him about Jurassic Park 4, which SIr Richard said he would do.


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