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So - Lucas may be releasing the Special Editions on DVD - but will they be the ones you know' Don't bet on it.

Hey folks, Harry here... well... we kinda all knew something like this was coming... didn't we? Ok, here's the thing we begin to hear rumors that as part of the promotion for the "final" STAR WARS film, Lucasfilm may be releasing DVDs of the Original Trilogy Special Editions. Ok, so the big question is... what is he releasing? Will Lucasfilm release the Special Editions we saw? We know he won't release the original series as originally released in theaters, cuz he's sworn never to do so. Sigh... However, we have long heard rumors that he was shooting new material for the Original Trilogy Special Editions, and the question I'm wondering is this. Right before Lucasfilm publicly announced the Special Editions of the Original Trilogy, he issued the THX - Digital Quality Remastered Original Trilogy on Video and Laserdisc. But basically, that was to clear out the cellar so to speak, as he knew full well what he was up to. He was going to do the Special Editions, thus breathing full life into his empire. Upon issuing the Special Editions on Home Video and Laserdisc, he then began work on the Prequels... BUT - even with DVD enthusiasts screaming bloody murder for the DVDs he held off... Well, until time to promote Episode 3. BUT - will these DVDs hold this NEW IMPROVED HYPERKINETIC ORIGINAL TRILOGY that is described below? Or, is that set for a theatrical release AFTER Episode 3 is released, where he then releases the SuperStupendous Edition in theaters... holding it from DVD (if that's even the format then) then begins tinkering on the Prequels... so that 12 years from now, as he finally announces his intent to do the FINAL TRILOGY... hehehe... See... there's nothing so patheticly wonderfully stupid as a diehard Star Wars Conspiracy Lover... Take all of this with a grain of salt until it comes true...

Tarkin has been raised from the dead, and he's pissed off.

No doubt by now you've seen the great work of our sculpting and make-up guys:


Well, now seems about as good a time as any to let you know about the coolness in store for the next release of Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. See the pictures of young Tarkin? That's why I love my job, latex beats the pants off CGI EVERY time. Biased professional jealousy? Maybe so, but I have to hand it to ILM for their current work on Hope.

One of the digital guys was showing off some stuff on his laptop at Fox last week and it was a really surreal experience because it was the fight between Vader and Alec Guinness but it was all new stuff, very similar to the fights in the new shows, all hyper and well choreographed. Think Yoda was pretty fly for an old Jedi? Wait til you see Guinness. I like to think we could achieve the same effect with an appliance mask but the second set was a set of close ups on digital Alec's face. It was amazing. He said it was some stuff Lucas was looking over for the re-re-release of Star Wars. After these current ones are finished. He also said that the Han meets Jabba scene had been totally redone and looked a lot better, which is cool, but the puppet in Jedi still looks awsome to my eyes.

I have to say I still prefer the Original films I saw in theatres as a kid to the enhanced versions but if the rest of the CGI is as good as this stuff I saw then I'll be pretty happy with it.

I heard that the trilogy might be released next year on the little plastic drink coasters we all love so much so we may get to see the completed scenes sooner than I was told. I hope so.

Call me "The guy who asked Tarkin if he wanted to evacuate"

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