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Will Ferrell is Ignatius J. Reily'

Hey folks, Harry here... Dammit, I always thought I'd get to be Ignatius J. Reily... sigh... Ok, I believe that Will Ferrell MAY be more perfect for the role than me. But, he'll never get that cow chewing cud beam of intelligence that I just naturally have! Heh. Actually, I think this is about as perfect casting as you could possibly see for the role. And when DREAMWORKS picks this sucker up and makes serious damn bank on the film and ends up with Academy Awards and what not... well, the story will be legendary. Heh... You don't know... it could happen. It could too. Shut up! You'll see, I'll be proven right and then... then you'll regret that Talk Back you just wrote. Yes, you will too. Stupid doo doo head!


Will Ferrell's reading of the great Ignatius J. Reily from John Kennedy Toole's immortal A Confederacy of Dunces at the recent Nantuckett Film Festival has paid off. He is to star in David Gordon Green's film of the book in early spring of 2004. How Miramax could bail on financing this potential movie classic is beyond me. I'm sure Steven Soderbergh, Scott Rudin, and Drew Barrymore will find a new backer, but it wouldn't hurt for you and AICN to apply a little pressure.

Yours Truly,


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