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Police Academy 8 is in the works...

Hey folks, Harry here and your dreams and most heart-felt wishes have come true... yes, I know it is hard to believe, but POLICE ACADEMY 8 is in the works. Let's hope in this one, they graduate the Academy in the first 10 minutes, prior to the opening credits... then they end up being placed on a Police Force with Kurt Russell and Russell Crowe as a pair of Evil Bad Cops that love setting up idiot new recruits in body bags to help up The Police Retirement Fund. Yeah. Yeah, that's it!

Hey Harry!

Our local Atlanta radio station, 96.1, has a morning show called "The Regular Guys."  They were hanging out with Michael Winslow, who did all the *ahem* 'funny' voices in the Police Academy movies. 

The DJ's asked him if there were going to be any more Police Academy movies, and he said they were in negotiations for Police Academy 8.  At first, the DJ's (and I) thought he was joking.  But nope.  He was serious. 

Just thought you would get a kick out of that tidbit. :)


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