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* In 4.1, we learn Luke got married over the summer to Taylor Doose’s hot lawyer, and is trying to get himself unmarried.

* In 4.2, Luke and Lorelai move Rory into her Yale dorm, only to discover that Paris Gellar will be Rory’s suitemate.

* 4.3 is titled “The Hobbit, The Sofa and Digger Stiles." Can't tell you why.

* The big news with 4.3 is that boy-crazy Madeline and Louise come to visit fellow Chilton grads Rory and Paris at Yale.

* The less-big news is that Kick and Mickey, the very blonde Yale undergrad daughters of Emily Gilmore’s DAR pal (Paris calls them “the Gabor sisters” and “Bim and Bim”), will come to visit Rory as well.

* Lorelai (and maybe Sookie) will get involved with youngsters at something called “party house.”

* 4.4, titled “Chicken or Beef,” is the first “Gilmore Girls” authored by comedy genius and longtime “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” writer Jane Espenson.

* This one will demonstrate that Michel Gerard is now gainfully employed by the super-chic Tallyrand Hotel.

* Stars Hollow is getting geared up in a hurry for Dean and Lindsay’s wedding, and Rory is getting a little freaked out over it.

* Equally freaked out, perhaps, is Dean, who can be heard quietly moaning Rory’s name during his bachelor party pit-stop at Luke’s diner.

* Dean gets so wasted Luke winds up storing him in nephew Jess’ old room. “She’s smart, she’s so smart,” Dean moans as Luke hauls him upstairs. “She could probably fix the world, you know?”


* A star North Korean keyboardist will ask to defect in 5.4’s teaser. (5.4 is titled “Han,” which means something in Korean.) Most everyone in the Bartlet administration except C.J. tug at their collars, because the North Korean leader is not so predictable, and may have a nuke or two strapped to a missile.

* Pretty Amy Gardner is in this one, still working for Dr. Abigail Bartlet.

* We meet Donnatella Moss’ aunt and uncle, both Republicans.

* The Senate unanimously confirms Colorado congressman Bob Russell (Gary Cole) as the new vice president. (We will meet Russell among several veep candidates in 5.3, titled “Jefferson Lives.” Russell wears cowboy boots, which causes Josh and Toby to exchange looks.)

* The House is ready to do the same, almost. One congressman, fellow named Thiele, refuses to make it unanimous and labels Russell a “party hack.” “Russell’s not good enough,” Thiele tells Josh.

* By 5.5, titled “Constituency of One,” it’s Josh Lyman’s birthday, and Josh finds himself having to get tough with a Democratic senator from Idaho who wants a big, useless defense contract for his state. When Josh exposes the legislator’s evil to the press, the senator retaliates in a way the party will fail to appreciate.

* Josh is also having severe Amy Gardner difficulties.

* Meanwhile Will Bailey meets the new vice president, whom Toby calls “an empty cowboy suit.” The veep offers Will a job as chief strategist.

* Toby scoffs. “Russell’s an empty cowboy suit. You work for the leader of the free world.”

* Will is more contemplative. “I work for a guy who works for a guy who works for the leader of the free world.”

"Gilmore Girls" returns with fresh episodes three weeks from Tuesday, Sept. 23.

"The West Wing" returns with fresh episodes the next day, Sept. 24.

I am – Hercules!!

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