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Miike! Kitano! A Samurai Film! So cool it'll freeze your drool!

Hey folks, Harry here -- when the Gods get their shit together, sometimes ultimate coolness can happen. It seems the Four Winds have decided to blow one helluva cool project onto our radar screens... Takashi Miike and Takeshi Kitano working together is akin to John Woo directing Clint Eastwood... something too cool to ever happen. Sigh...

Miike & Kitano together finally!

Harry & co.,

Hey!  Just found out that Takashi Miike and "Beat" Takeshi Kitano are finally working on a project.  It is a samurai movie called IZO and it is happening sooner than you think.  Filming starts on August 20th and lasts until Sept. 23rd.  So far, it looks like a heavy Miike group project.  It is written by Shigenori Takechi, who previously scripted Miike's yakuza films THE MAN IN WHITE, GRAVEYARD OF HONOR and AGITATOR.  Co-starring with Kitano will be Ryosuke Miki (seen in Miike's THE MAN IN WHITE, GRAVEYARD OF HONOR and AGITATOR), Hiroki Matsukata (also featured in THE MAN IN WHITE and AGITATOR) and Kenichi Endo (another Miike vetern, known mostly as the father from VISITOR Q).  

After the disappointment of not getting this duo together on ZATOICHI, this looks like the next best thing.

Take care,


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