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Wanna see something really scary' GARFIELD...

Hey folks, Harry here... ok, I've long admited that the lazy fat over-eating lasagna loving feline known as GARFIELD is my personal spirit animal totem, but the image that was sent to me just... well it's got me all weirded out man. Garfield as a cg creation looks... just bizarre. The ears... the big bulgy eyes... thinking of Bill Murray's voice coming out of this pussy... ya know... there's potential if the live-action characters don't drop the ball... WHAT THE HELL AM I SAYING? It's all crazy man, crazy. A live-action GARFIELD movie... CRAZY!

Hey Harry,  

This is nothing special - a promo teaser rather than a full-shot of Garfield from the film - but I haven't seen any other pictures of Garfield on the net so I guess this is the first.  

It comes from a promo booklet by Fox, sent out to UK cinemas, and comes with pictures of Breckin Meyer and Jennifer Love Hewitt in character (also attached), along with this promotional blurb:  

"He's cynical, lazy and, literally, a fat cat. Now Garfield, the world's favorite feline, is about to become a major motion-picture star in a film with broad audience appeal. The live-action/CGI picture is adapted from the syndicated cartoon strip read in 2,600 newspapers by 260 million readers around the globe."  

Personally, I'm not full of promise for this film, but Bill Marray (uncredited in the booklet) being involved gives hope (although in a fair universe, Dan Aykroyd would own Murray's ass). And the booklet credits the screenplay to Joel Cohen and Alec Sokolow - the Joel Cohen? If so, excellent!  

Anyway, hope you can use this on your site!  


Is it just me, or would you have killed to have seen Steve Buscemi and Illeana Douglas play these two instead?

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