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Wacky Lesbianic 24 "News"!!

I am – Hercules!!

Okay, in our little summary of the “24” third season premiere earlier this week, we had a little fun suggesting that Kim’s new love interest might not necessarily be a dude -- but we were just kidding! In the script we read, Kim’s new love interest is all man.

This story made me run back to the script to check the gender of the pronouns. Nope, they’re masculine alright. But -- maybe they switched them to “she” and “her” when we weren’t looking! (For the record, Kim’s love interest this season has a not-very-gender-specific first name.) Nope. All my sources indicate they cast a feller as Kim’s new stud-muffin.

But! The news is from CBS 47 in Jacksonville! And there’re quote marks around the info! So it has to be right, right? Oh, wait. Where’s the byline?

I am – Hercules!!

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