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A-TEAM movie...

Harry here... yeah... this 'needs' to happen. UGH! Waiting for the MANIMAL film and MISFITS OF SCIENCE feature!

X-FM in the UK has this funny little bit every week where they interview a known (but not currently popular) star and ask them about their past roles and what's going on in their lives now. For instance, last week they interviewed James Tolkan (Stinger from Top Gun, Mr. Strickland from Back to the Future).

So how's The A-Team fit in? Dirk Benedict (Face) was interviewed today. He said he didn't know exactly where the A-Team film sits in development, but that Brendan Fraser was rumoured to play Face. Dirk went on to explain the he wanted Owen Wilson to play his old role, but apparently Owen is up for the role of Murdock, so that's out.

That's it, that's all...

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