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Learn How Spike Returns To ANGEL!!

I am – Hercules!!

Ah, the casting pages for the second episode of “Angel’s” fifth season (written, they say, by David Fury and Ben Edlund) turned up Tuesday!

What we learn:

* Spike’s a dang ghost! Well… A major character in the episode will refer to Spike as “a ghost -- close enough, anyhow.” Cleavers pass right through Spike, as do doors and walls. He mocks Angel incessantly, and Angel has no means to escape the ghostly taunting!

* And check it out. Spike is somehow “stuck” to Angel! Another reason for blondie not to look up a key slayer pal!

* But don’t worry, girls! Unlike Cordy’s longtime roomie Dennis, Spike can be seen. Well, he kind of blurs in and out, and even disappears at times. Ghost-style. If you will.

* For the second time in two episodes, Angel will badly ruffle the feathers of his new Wolfram & Hart underlings.

* For the second time in two episodes, Angel will rankle a key Wolfram & Hart client. This week’s disgruntled? One Magnus Hainsley. No relation to “West Wing’s” hot red hot and blonde Republican Ainsley Hayes. One presumes.

* Hainsley, a telekinetic, runs what Angel terms a “body shop” and has uses for the recently deceased. He services an inhuman clientele. If you’re thinking snacks? You’d be wrong. (Herc affixes a finger-and-thumb “L” to his forehead.)

* Hainsley stops short of dusting Angel, noting that the senior pardners still have plans for the series’ title character.

* Angel pulls an “Eliot Ness” on Hainsley. Which Spike mocks as well.

* Hainsley hints that Spike’s ghostly status could be temporary – if Spike teams with Hainsley against Angel.

* But it turns out the flesh Hainsley initially promises Spike won’t look very Spike-like. But will nonetheless be very Buffy-boyfriend-like. IF you know what we mean.

* Spike intimates that he likes Winifred Burkle in a more-than-brotherly fashion!

"Angel" returns to the WB Oct. 1. "Angel" 5.2 airs Oct. 8.

I am – Hercules!!

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