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AICN-Japan: Battlefield Stadium; Umizaru; Cosmic Rescue; Zebra Man; Cutie Honey; Ying Xiong; The Hulk

Father Geek here with pigmon's regular weekly report from Japan...

Here is this week's report...


*It is busy week for Japan Premiere movies. Salma Hayek shows up for "Frida" premire on the 14th. Ang Lee appears at "The Hulk" Japanese Premiere in front of a 6000 member audience on the 15th. Finally Jet Lee, Ziyi Zhang and director Yimor Zhang are invited to the Japanese Premiere of "Ying Xiong(Hero)". I also attend all these press conferences, but there are nothing new to report from them.

*At the "Cutie Honey" press conference. Director Hideaki Anno introduces Eriko Sato who plays Cutie Honey. Annnnd tells us that when she transforms from office girl to Cutie Honey in the comic, she is totally nude. What will Anno do this live action movie? He just says to press,"You can expect...". Also she will change her costume about 30 times . Shooting already has begun last week.

*There will be cameo appearenced by an old Toho monster on "Godzilla X Mothra X Mecha Godzilla,Tokyo SOS". I will find out which one soon.

*Takashi Miike's new film,"Zebra Man" starts shooting this week.This is not going to be another Yakuza movie,it will SF/Action movie. An elemetary teacher fights against space aliens.Shou Aikawa will play protagonist who transforms to Ultraman type super hero. Miike promises to the press,"I am not going to use any CGI".

*Chinese actress, Li Gong will be the head of judge on competition at 16th Tokyo International Film Festival on Nobember. Yoshimitsu Morita's new film "Ashura no gotoku" will be the opening movie and Pixar's "Finding Nemo" closes the film festival. Takashi Miike's "You've got a call" will have its world primere at this festival.

*"Cosmic Rescue" is new Japanese made Imax movie.It features full of VFX but kids group V6's acting is terrible.This movie will be shown at Comic Convention in San Diego(July 17th to 20th)and Tronto Film Festival(September 4th to 13th).

*"Umizaru" is new film from Toho co. which is based on popular comic.It is about life of 14 divers at the ocean military.Eichiro Hazumi is first time director but has been working with director Katsuyuki Motohiro whose new film "Bayside Shakedown 2" will be at the theaters this weekend.


*"Battlefield Stadium"(Klockworx) directed by Yudai Kato,produced by Ryuhei Kitamura Yudai who is the right hand man of Ryuhei Kitamura. He worked as 2nd unit director for "Versus" and "Alive". He chooses as his first feature film ,"Battlefield Stadium" which is based on a popular comic. It is story about 2 high school baseball teams who fight each other on the ground. Do not expect usual baseball game,they are just killing each other. Especially the Gedo high school baseball team which look like Zombies(head of guy looks like Jim Carey's Mask). Just imagine, this is a baseball version of "Sholin Soccer". This movie received Yubari International Funtastic Film Festival 2003 Grand Prix Award. "Battlefield Stadium" is a little funny baseball battle movie.


Terminator rules Japan again. Biggest surprise is "Battle Royale 2" comes in strongly at 3rd place last week, but it already starts dropping to 5th.

Here are the winners
  • 1(New)Terminator 3
  • 2(1) The Matrix Reloaded
  • 3(2)Charlies Angels:Full Throttle
  • 4(New)Treasure Planet
  • 5(3)Battle Royale 2

That's all for this week.

See ya at the movies!

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