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Hi, everyone. "Moriarty" here with some Rumblings From The Lab...

Damn it... I am having trouble getting some image issues resolved, and that sucks. I wanted to run some stills with this article, and hopefully I’ll be able to add them in the next few hours. I want to include them because I think they speak for themselves.

See, a couple of months ago, I got a number of e-mails from people with photos attached. An alley. A film crew. Rain at night. And there in the middle of it all, Batman and the Joker. I had no idea what I was looking at. One person swore in their e-mail that the “bald dude” in the crew photos was Darren Aronofsky, and that these were photos from his BATMAN: YEAR ONE project. I could see why someone might think so at first glance. The Batsuit being used was obviously cloth and leather instead of sculpted rubber. The actor in the Batsuit looked like he was in amazing shape, perfectly cast. And the Joker was totally different than Nicholson’s version, much more the demented whip-thin clown of recent comics.

But since I couldn’t begin to figure out what was being shot, I didn’t see any way we could run the images. It was frustrating, but I figured someone would turn up, or some explanation might be forthcoming. Of course, leave it to me to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. I’m stuck in LA all weekend, when it looks like the action’s taking place in San Diego. I’ll let today’s scooper explain:

"Mystery BATMAN film REVEALED"


Word has it that over the past few months you've received several intriguing photographs from fans in Los Angeles who claimed to have stumbled upon a very elaborate, live-action BATMAN shoot. The sometimes-blurry behind-the-scenes images seemed to indicate that a great-looking Batman was actually going before the cameras in secret. Well, I'm here with the real scoop!

Indeed, there was a BATMAN shoot, but it was for a short film that is currently being kept under lock and key. I have seen this film, and it's any fan boy's wettest dream! It looks AMAZING. I managed to get hold of a few images directly from the 35mm film, and have enclosed them. I think you'll agree that this is the best looking Batman ever put to celluloid. The actor really carries it off, a true testament to the director's casting eye. The story has a majorly PISSED Batman confronting the Joker for the last time in some dark, back alley during a rainstorm. Trust me when I tell you it’s got some mind-blowing surprises in it.

This is proof that you don't need to stick a name actor into a stiff, rubber suit of armor in order to make Batman work in the movies. There is a way to do it right and this director certainly did it. He's an industry professional, and I really want to see more from him. He and his crew are obviously tremendous Batman fans.

I'll try to send you more info on this wild short later this weekend!

Call me, Griffin!

Now, I’ve spoken with Griffin on the phone. He’s not the filmmaker. I’ve also heard rumblings from sources around Kevin Smith, who evidently loves this film, and Alex Ross, who thinks it’s the best visual representation of BATMAN on film so far. This thing seems to be striking a chord with anyone who gets to see it. I've even heard about a few other characters in the short who weren't in those photos, and if what I'm hearing is true, this is a crazy, crazy short film, and a fan fantasy fulfilled.

I wish I could chat with you and tell you exactly where to go in San Diego if you want to see this film. I’ve heard word that fans who keep their eyes open may get a peek at it during Comic-Con. I’m personally dying to get my hands on a copy to see if this is really as well-made as I’m hearing. Anyone who has seen this thing... let me know what you think. The curiousity is driving me crazy.

"Moriarty" out.

Now for the pictures:

Added Father Geek info...

I just minutes ago saw this film (twice) and the accompaning "Making Of" on DVD. Its a 2 disc very limited edition set. Sorry I didn't take notes on the people involved, but they are all pros (tired of Batman being done WRONG), the director use to work for Stan Winston, the sculptor is a major player too.

Sistersatan, Harry's little sister, scored the DVD set out of the blue directly from the director with his permission to use it in her shop, sooooo at some point soon it will end up on the shelves of her little DVD & VHS rental shop PEDAZO CHUNK here in Austin.

Sistersatan is NOT renting or selling this film at Pedazo Chunk... but will gladly show it FREE to anyone who wants to see it in her shop!

It is outstanding, atmospheric, noirish, heavy duty Bat-Action like you've NEVER seen, a crazy, demented, sick Joker right out of THE KILLING JOKE, lots of other bad-guy creatures you can only dream of too!

"What's the set up Father Geek?" you may ask. Wellllll, It looks like the Joker has just escaped from Arkham Asylum... He's in grimy hospital clothes, wet, desperately running thru darkness and heavy rain barefoot... On the rooftops the Batman coolly stalks his prey... they confront each other in a Dead End alley... there are heated words and blows exchanged... suddenly the Joker is ripped off screen... then the shit really gets intense...

Its seems the director was in Austin awhile back working on another film and got in the habit of going to PEDAZO CHUNK, fell in love with the mom & pop shop, soooo he decided to send them one of the few copies of his finished flick to add to their store's esoteric collection. BOY AM I GLAD HE DID!!! I am a huge BATMAN fan and have been for over 50 years. I have never been satisfied completely with the Warner's visions. This IS my fave... a living breathing REAL Neal Adams creature of the night. SEE IT!!!

Read this and weep Harry... you're seeing HELLBOY realized over in Prague, but I have finally seen MY vision of the BATMAN kick major ass!

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