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Hi, everyone. "Moriarty" here with some Rumblings From The Lab...

Probably not, but it sounds like the film might be sleazy fun. Check this out:

Hey Harry,

Thought you’d get a kick out of this: Last night I saw Tom Savini as Jesus!

That’s right buck-o! Not only that but Tom Savini as Jesus in a zombie flick. The director showed the film at a small independent theater in Tulsa Oklahoma last night. He introduced it saying it was still rough so I wasn’t sure what to think.

It opens on a picture of Bruce Campbell which I thought was hilarious. Not really because of the picture but because Tom Savini and Brinke Stevens can be heard groaning while the picture is on screen. The camera scrolls over and sure enough, there’s Tom “I’m Jesus Christ” Savini and Brinke Stevens having orgasms as they finish up sex. The scene is hilarious. Not really because of the sex/jesus stuff but because of the dialogue being very clever as is the dialogue of the whole movie.

I had read somewhere that this movie was written in two nights because one location pulled out at the last minute right before production and they couldn’t get another one like it. Again, I was worried because of this alone. Savini is hilarious because of his dialogue and then it lets Brinke set up the story of ZOMBIEGEDDON. The movie begins rolling once we see Ariauna “Polymorph” Alrbright in some obvious blue screen action. The zombies start coming and attacking. We see a couple of funny yet somewhat cool gore scenes and then we start getting introduced to the various characters.

There’s the great Troma king Lloyd Kaufman as a homophobic janitor who probably steals this movie—the man was wonderfully cast and is fucking hilarious! The crowd erupted in cheers when he came on screen and then burst into laughter a couple of times from his lines. There’s one scene that involves what looks like a zombie butt fucking a young guy that is priceless! I know that sounds gross but wait until you see it. It’s played totally innocent by the filmmaker but it’s best this way.

Anyway, a couple of nude scenes later we’re introduced to a couple of cops who are the basic leads of the film and the lead bad guys of the film are played by b-movie hack Joe Estevez and the legendary William Smith. Being a fan of Smith and knowing Estevez HAS to be better than his previous films and having seen the first 10 minutes I just knew they had to be OK. Sadly, these two are the lowpoint of the whole film. I can ignore so-so effects, so-so look but these two were fucking horrible. It was pretty obvious that what they were doing wasn’t part of the script because it’s just SO different from the rest of the film.

As for the film itself, it’s not too bad. Like I said, I wasn’t expecting much between the fact it wasn’t all the way done yet and they only had a budget of $10,000 to begin with. All of that I’m sure went into the cast because there’s like 40 b movie names in this thing. Some pretty cool voice cameos pop up too like Ron Jeremy and Julie Strain and Fred Olen Ray. But in the end I would say this is a kick ass fun movie with some pretty cool twists that just happened to be done on a very, very low budget. It’s certainly something people will talk about for the next twenty years and I think they’ll talk about it for more than the cast. The movie is funny, action packed and has several sets of boobs. The squib action is very impressive as is the head explosion and an outrageous puke scene that’s unlike any other I’ve seen before. The make up was, well, lousy. It was OK and reminded me of the majority of the zombies in CHILDREN OF THE LIVING DEAD but there was a lot left to be desired on that one and will probably be the downfall of the movie if anything. The acting was for the most part OK. There were plenty of b movie actors so it wasn’t the worst but it wasn’t A grade acting either. The two cops had a lot of material and I don’t know their names but the bald guy was pretty cool and a total bad ass while the other guy came off more as gay than a hero. Brinke Stevens was damn good while Conrad Brooks was annoying as fuck. B movie director JR Bookwalter pops up in a pretty cool cameo that he lost his head over. It’s certainly something his fans will get a kick out of.

All in all I came home having had some fun and look forward to the next one these guys do. I also went in not expecting much as it WAS tiny for even straight to video horror movies but it turned out to be pretty cool and something I wouldn’t mind seeing again in a couple of months. Harry, if you have any way to get to Pittsburgh PA in late August I think they’re showing it for a week out there. I think as a fan of these types of movies you’d dig it. And if you use this and need to credit it to someone call me lloydkaufmanlover, lol.

Thanks, LloydKaufmanLover. Nice write-up.

"Moriarty" out.

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