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Something truly outstanding! The very graphic trailer to Mel Gibson's THE PASSION!

Hey folks, Harry here... Once every now and again a really special project comes along borne out of a passion for the material. We've seen Peter Jackson's passion really come through with his LORD OF THE RINGS trilogy thus far, and well... I've got a feeling that Mel Gibson has that same sort of drive in the making of THE PASSION. While I'm not a deeply religious person, I can not help, but acknowledge the ingrained power to the story of Christ's final hours. Simply, as one film called it, it's the greatest story ever told, or at least one of them.

The story of Christ in those final hours is one of pain and torment and astonishing spirit. From the images in this trailer that was sent to me, I can't help but believe in Mel's vision for the film. Shot in the original language of the time and allegedly being shone sans subtitles, I really feel this is not only powerful filmmaking, but a bold artistic step forward for Mel. I also feel that it has the chance to really become a bit of a phenomenon in theaters that play it, and can't believe it hasn't been picked up by a studio yet. I mean, the story behind the making of this film in its original "dead" languages and the opportunity to have Mel Gibson on every talk show in the world talking about the decisions and reasons he had for making the film this way... Well, I think it has a wider audience than anyone is currently expecting. Here's the trailer that was sent to me... See what you think, though 10 to 1, it will crash my server, so be quick!

Click Here For THE PASSION!

Mirrored here thanks to Kenny! Don't kill him! - UPDATED - You guys killed Kenny's server!

TheMovieBox.Net guy (Mike) has created a low-res, but large Quicktime and mirrored this smaller file on his site at 7.1 megs... Gets pixel-y from time to time, but for you folks that have been fighting to get to it on my server... better than nothing!

We've been getting A LOT of traffic from Christian faith areas online, that have been anxious to see footage from this film. The letters I'm getting reflect a great deal of excitement in regards to the film. Also, I'd like to compliment the folks in Talkback for really doing a great job on this trailer... IF you want to know what is going on in the trailer and your Gospel knowledge is a bit lacking... all the answers are below...

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