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A look at SHREK 2, MADAGASCAR & SHARKSLAYER - Dreamworks' CG on Display!!!

Hey folks, Harry here with 2 really cool things to show you and one rather dull looking thing. Long time, long ago contributor Trekbody sent in scans of the following 3 press sheets from the wacky rendered world of Dreamworks. First... the rather boring one...

The SHREK press sheet is dull. Just 3 smug CG characters... of course they really don't need to show the new characters to market or sell the film. Essentially, they have a "Brand" to capitalize on, whereas with these other properties, they're throwing gorgeous production art into these to make your eyes go wowzers. Take a look...

MADAGASCAR is forever and a day away, but looks fun. I like the hyper-stylized look of the characters so far here. I trust there's more to this than being just a fish out of water story regarding 4 spoilt animals. Though, historically speaking animals released back into the wild after lifelong captivity don't usually fare too well, but 10 to 1 these animals aren't going to just die.

Here's the one I'm most looking forward to. I love the cast, look and feel of this thing. I'm rooting for this one, doing a "Genre film" in this format is exciting. A gangster family film hasn't been done since BUGSY MALONE and NEVER A DULL MOMENT and I love both of those movies. Sign me up, this has potential.

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