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UPDATED AGAIN! Confirmed B.S.!!! UPDATED!! Spielberg off of INDY IV'

Harry here... Just got it confirmed that Sean Connery as Empire quoted him, doesn't really know what he's talking about. Steven Spielberg will be directing the 4th Chapter of the Indiana Jones series beginning filming Summer of 2004.

Hey, everybody. "Moriarty" here with an update on the story below...

Frank Darabont's a frustrating man. He's generous to his friends, incredibly personable, and when it comes to his work on something like INDY 4, he maintains total silence. Go ahead. Ask him about it. He'll just smile and get this look on his face that dares you to get more information out of him.

As a result, I have no idea what the title of INDY 4 will be, or what they're chasing, or... well... anything. However, he did recently mention that when he turned in the first draft of INDY 4, it was the first time Spielberg officially signed on to direct a film based on a first draft since the original RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK.

So... if I was a betting man, I'd say Connery either heard things wrong or they misquoted him. Spielberg's sitting in the director's seat for this one. I'm guessing they will start shooting as soon as TERMINAL hits post-production so that they can make that summer 2005 date.

Anyway... here's the story from this morning...

Hey folks, Harry here... Would you be interested in an Indiana Jones film that wasn't directed by Steven Spielberg? Interesting question, one I hadn't seriously considered before. Me? I don't know, I'm a part of that strange minority that prefers the 3rd Jurassic Park to both of Spielberg's outings. I am fond of all three of his Indiana Jones films, but definitely felt the 3rd one had a lack of inspiration in terms of imagination and creativity... though I like the film quite a bit just for Connery and Ford's relationship... So, if this rumor from Connery is to be believed, combined with other information we have... it boils down like this.

Darabont turns in his script for the 4th INDIANA JONES adventure. Word is all three principles like it. Then today we learn that according to Connery, the film will be going forward, but without Spielberg as director. So does this mean that George Lucas will direct after he finishes EPISODE 3? Will the screenwriter, Frank Darabont take over direction? Will Spielberg turn to Joe Johnston, who took over the reigns from Steven on the third Jurassic Park? Will David Lynch or David Cronenberg take over as Director? I'm working on finding out at the moment, I'll let you know what I hear. Here ya go...

Hi Harry,

Apparently Sean Connery has said in an interview "Shteven Shpielberg hash pashed on Directing the nextsh Indiana Jonesh movie" or shomething shimilar.

So the beard may have blown out Indy, but Harrison Ford & Mr Connery are still interested. No doubt because neither of them have had a hit for approximately 15 millenia.

Saw this on Empire Online.

Here's da link:

Click here to read Empire's Story!



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