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A rumor about Steven Seagal and another UNDER SIEGE sequel that will have you laughing out loud!

Hey folks, Harry here.... This just sounds so bizarre... I mean look at this. Terrorist versus Casey Rybeck in... well you read, I'll be with you afterwards...


Mr personality himself, Steven Seagal, is here in Luxembourg filming something called "Unleashed". I caught a piece with him on RTL, Radio Tele Luxembourg.

He says next up he's doing another "Under Siege" [god help us]. It's apparently taken so long because he "likes playing different characters" and hadn't felt the need to revisit Casey Ryback until now. And full of surprises he says the idea they have for this one is to have Ryback and daughter's hot air balloon ride interrupted to terrorists who take over a fellow balloon.

Heck - just when movies were starting to improve.Zoinks!


So couldn't you just shoot the other guy's balloon? Ok, I mean, I just ... this sounds utterly ridiculous... Remember, it is a rumor and sometimes things said on Radio are done with tongue in cheek.... I hope. Maybe he was just trying to... float... the idea... I'm sorry.

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