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More coolness from THE THUNDERBIRDS!!! Plus Matt Stone & Trey Parker declare war on the film with a marionette epic!

Hey folks, Harry here... got a transmission from Col. Steve Zodiac of images from a Licensing Brochure that was passed out at a Licensing show somewhere unnamed. Here are all the ships and our first look at Ben Kingsley in his best role since Freddie the Frog. I'm curious to see some finished visuals on this flick... Love the design look, just hope the film earns it. Ya know? Meanwhile...

Comedy gods, Matt Stone & Trey Parker will be making the movie we all wish Universal was making... an R-rated Marionette Action Epic starring all wood Marionettes and sending up the entire Action/CG/Sci-Fi Genre! It will be called: TEAM AMERICA! I can not wait, here's what they said to Michael Fleming and Variety:

"Our Cast will be deliberately made of wood, but that will only be taking to the extreme what is evident in many Hollywood movies right now," said Stone. "I hate all these new Hollywood films that are CGI-driven. Trey and I loved that 'Thunderbirds' series because of the artistry of the marionettes. It's amazing that a studio would make a movie out of it and take out the only thing that was good about the series."

And with that, I'll turn ya over to Universal's brochure...

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