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Ok, so the Episode 3 title rumors begin...

Hey folks, Harry here... Well, why the hell not start throwing you folks the "Rumored" titles for EPISODE 3? Two days ago, Patrick Sauriol over at ran a story from a source of his claiming that the title will be REVENGE OF THE SITH. That'd be a nice mirror for RETURN OF THE JEDI, which was originally REVENGE OF THE JEDI, till Lucas correctly realized that Jedi can't take Revenge, it's out of character... However, Revenge for the Sith... that's right in line with what them bastards are all about. HOWEVER, today there's yet another rumored title, this one that I first got from Clinton, and then later Moviehole had more on. So which is it? Personally, I don't believe that Lucas would re-use the word Empire in a title, and would be more likely to believe the REVENGE OF THE SITH title. However, as far as Lucas' pulpy inspirations the film could be titled, THE LAVA PIT, for all anyone knows. George is pretty random when it comes to this stuff. hehe... What do you folks think?

UPDATE - AN EMPIRE DIVIDED is the name of a Lucasfilm Video Game - so The Coffs Harbour Advocate got their facts wrong, however that still leaves the Cinescape rumored... REVENGE OF THE SITH to consider...

Hi, Harry,

Pretty huge news! The Wednesday 25th June edition of The Coffs Harbour Advocate newspaper, which is published in Coffs Harbour, Australia. The article is talking about how a local casting agency are searching for talent to play parts in the new Star Wars movie. However, the interesting thing is that the article actually states the title of the movie: AN EMPIRE DIVIDED! Could this really be breaking news!?! Surely the writer of the article wouldnít have mentioned the name unless it was told to him by the casting agency. It sounds like to could be the real deal to me. If you need any more info about legitimacy of the newspaper, donít hesitate to contact me.


Clinton Kardi

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