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HELLBOY Images! HELLBOY Footage! HELLBOY Bonanza!

Harry here - Well, here ya go - the first real spy stuff on HELLBOY. Thus far, pretty much everything we've seen has been... released to us, here... well, this is Spy Stuff - it's what AICN does on its good days. Giving you a look at the things they keep behind the doors. HELLBOY has been slowly, but surely gaining the confidence of film fans online - Nick Nunziata (of CHUD) is in Prague right now, and will be filing reports from the set. Here ya go with some delicious goodies...

Ok, now for the spoilers - above - there's no real spoilers other than HELLBOY having a penis and a tail, but these next 3 images... well frankly - Guillermo is gonna blow a gasket when he hears they got online - and when he hears I put them up he's gonna flip, but... The rule has always been, if a spy sends it in, then it is fodder for the page. However, because I know this next character... Sammael - a rather key demon that Hellboy fights in the film should be introduced in context to the film - as he's introduced in the movie - so you discover him within cinema - I'm not posting the pics here - instead, I'll link to them. It is your choice to look, or not look. The character looks human sized, but he's larger than that in the context of the film. Like "The Reapers" in BLADE 2 - Sammael has all manners of surprises up his sleeves and if the CG on him is great - he'll be a character we all talk about for years. Prime Grade A Monster stuff here. Remember - once you click - you won't have another "first time" to see this character - if I were you - I wouldn't click on this, this or this!

Lastly - our spy managed to grab 10 seconds of footage off the monitor at the Licensing Show. Great friggin graveyard, Rasputin with the glove is awesome, Kronen with his knives and Guillermo's wondrous voice behind it all. This might take a while to load - if I were you and had server space somewhere - I'd mirror it and post that link in Talk Back! Click Here For The First FOOTAGE from HELLBOY anywhere! Too bad HELLBOY isn't in any of it! ARGH! Thanks to CRAZY CHARLIE for the pics and footage!

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