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BACK TO THE FUTURE 4 without Zemeckis, Gale, Lloyd or Fox'

Hey folks, Harry here... from that cool UK magazine HOTDOG, comes this story that... well - it just doesn't excite me at all. Personally, I want a film about Christopher Lloyd & Mary Steenburgen and they're family somewhere in the far future, where nobody looks like Biff or Marty, where there is no planet and they try to discover what happened to the Earth and how to save it... Some big adventure for Doc Brown to wrap that noggin around. An adventure that requires the ingenuity of his wife and their genius offspring played by Luke and Owen Wilson. OK... so what's your idea for a 4th Back to the Future flick?

Hi fellow Back to the Future fans,

The 'future' looks bright! HotDog Magazine here in the UK is reporting movement on a new "Back to the Future" movie, albeit one a little dissapointing. It could be full-length animated!

HotDog reports :

"With the success of the recently released DVD trilogy it’s no surprise to learn that Universal wants another “Back to the Future” movie. Producer Bob Gale has said no, as has Director Robert Zemeckis and even stars Michael J.Fox and Christopher Lloyd. So is there a saving grace? For Universal, yes, and it may come in the form of Steven Spielberg. Spielberg has part say whether another film ever sees the light of day, and rumour has it he’s had briefs talks to Universal about it – even suggesting alternatives if the original cast and the original creative team don’t return. One of those options is to do an animated version of the film – based on the cartoons that spawned from the original series – which will keep Universal happy long enough for the original BTTF team to change their numbers."

Kinda exciting - but a "true" sequal wouldda been better


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