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CoRrEcTeD --- HELLBOY and Abe Sapien - zero cg - total coolage!

Hey folks, Harry here with a correction and update to this story... All make-up in HELLBOY other than the title character of Hellboy, like Abe Sapien below is by Spectral Motion, Inc. So let's hear it for Spectral Motion for that Abe Sapien - gawd damn they knocked that sucker out of the park!

Hey folks, Harry here - Guillermo and the folks at HellSite.Com have finally released for public consumption... Abe Sapien and Hellboy in their full on GLORY! This is what having Rick Baker's team kicking ass for you does. Look at this... Mignola and Wayne Barlow and Rick Baker... Fucking A! I'm giddy to see this stuff moving, how about you folks?

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