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MEGAFORCE coming to DVD!

Harry here... ya know... it ain't much that I come on here to celebrate a DVD release... Sure we'll do the occassional speculation about the original Star Wars series or Indiana Jones coming out on DVD, but what I like to save these announcements for is DVD. Ya see, there are titles of such a deep personal interest to me that... well... it makes me all teary-eyed just thinking about it. But soon... MEGAFORCE is coming to DVD... the DVD is in the works, we ain't got a date yet, but it's all on the wheel, it all comes around... ya know what I'm saying? This film is just a reminder that the good guys always win, even in the eighties!

Harry, Chen here from HK. I love your site and i just know in my heart of hearts that the fanboys will go crazy over the news that MEGAFORCE is coming out on DVD.

I just placed an order for a VHS of the film but my dealer in HK told me to wait, BECAUSE THE DVD VERSION WILL BE COMING OUT SOON !

Apparently the enduring popularity of this groundbreaking flick and its legion of faithful fans were enough to convince the powers that be that this classic deserves its own DVD.

not sure about the special features but i would bet good money that it is narrated by Hunter himself.

I have my fingers crossed.

if you use this, call me "ACE" YIONG.

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