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Richard Kelly - busiest man alive' Could be!

Hey folks, Harry here... Ever since the charming talented bastard known as Richard Kelly put DONNIE DARKO out in the world, it seems folks got the secret that up until that time, only the few that had read his scripts knew... Richard Kelly is a 100% Wile Coyote Sooper Genius. Yup. As proof I offer that Richard Kelly is teaming up with Darren Aronofsky (known member of the Sooper Genius Society of America) on CAT'S CRADEL, Tony Scott (known provocateur of cool) on DOMINO, Eli Roth (a sad sad man that isn't making the Olsen Twins Monkey movie of his dreams) on top secret Godly Cool Project, Jonathan Mostow (Hero or Cad of T3) on THE HOUSE AT THE END OF THE STREET. Then he's got one of the all time great cult projects unknown to man called BESSIE that he's secretly hatching an evil plan to spring upon the world some day. OH... And today I hear that he got his green light from FOX SEARCHLIGHT yesterday to go ahead with his next directorial film... KNOWING... a project that just kicks all manners and colors of ass. To read more about the Aronofsky/Kelly/Vonnegut project click below...


Heard anything about Aronofsky and Richard Kelly teaming up for Vonnegut's 'Cat's Cradle?'  It was reported on CLICK HERE  



My understanding is that Kelly is going to be adapting Vonnegut's fantastic "science fiction" story. Also I have heard that Leonardo DiCaprio is attached as a Producer and possible talent in the film, with Aronofsky helming. Has potential to be spectacular.. as everything that Richard Kelly gets attached to turns out!

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