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BATMAN - A Dark Knight's Tale'

Hey folks, Harry here... The Chateau Marmont is one of those places in Los Angeles that magic sometimes happens. I've stayed there once, and of all the places I've stayed... it is second only to the Moriarty Labs Spa & Resort in terms of comfort and services. However, the key thing is this... it is a very favorite place to stay for many of the 'cool' types that do no reside in Hollywood. This is one of those stories that can't be confirmed and that we can't know if Chris was even discussing BATMAN with Heath Ledger, but... We do know that Warners wants to get a BATMAN that can start from the beginning. Heath missed out on SPIDER-MAN, which had Sony Exec Amy Pascall all but demanding that he be cast as Peter Parker (would've been a painful mistake - that jaw isn't meant for puny Parker.

What would I think of Heath Ledger playing a mid-twenties Dark Knight? Well, personally I'd rather see Guy Pearce playing a mid-thirties Wayne, but the story is whatever Goyer and Nolan have hatched, but if it has to be a mid-twenties BATMAN, you could do a lot worse than Heath Ledger. He's really skirted modern day projects for the most part, with the next film that he shoots being Terry Gilliam's THE BROTHER'S GRIMM. Certainly Heath's agent would push him hard as could be to grab this role, as thus far, Heath hasn't been attached to projects that jingled with the sound of waterfall gold. This is just a rumor... They were just talking... Could've been about a number of Nolan's projects like VIDOCQ SOCIETY or THE PRESTIGE or THE KEYS TO THE STREET or HUGHES: THE PRIVATE DIARIES, MEMOS AND LETERS... of course... it also could have been BATMAN, or a friendly get to know ya type of thing that had nothing to do with nothing. Delicious rumor though...

Hi Harry,...   For what it's worth, I wanted to offer an interesting sighting.  About two weeks ago, at the Chateau Marmont hotel in Los Angeles, Chris Nolan and Heath Ledger were sitting outside in deep convo for two hours.  Now, I didn't hear what was said, but they weren't chasing chicks.  Could Heath be the next Batman?  Stay tuned...   Call me ... Gondorff.

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