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RETURN OF THE KING pics from E3!!!

Hey folks Harry here... Here's images from the best film of 2003. Enjoy...

Hi Harry, this is Steve Yun from

I was at E3 Expo, the big videogame convention, and Nintendo and EA were showing off the upcoming Return of the King videogame. At first I figured it was worth checking out because seeing the scenes in the videogame would give me a glimpse into the movie.

Imagine my surprise when I discovered that they were actually showing footage from Return of the King! There was about two minutes of footage from the Battle of Minas Tirith, embedded in the videogame as a cutscene!

According to the Nintendo rep who was there, this footage will be showing up in commercials and trailers two weeks from now.

Some notes:

- DSC04035.JPG and all the ones after it are pictures from the videogame. The images before it are from the film.

- Some of the photos have a colored glow in them. This is the reflection of colored lights in the hall.

- If the videogame is any indication, Gandalf is going to be a certified ninja super commando in the next movie.

- I was initially disappointed by the small appearance of Grond in the videogame, but realized that those are trolls standing by it.

- When Grond attacks in the videogame, there are a dozen humans holding the doors. The final strike literally explodes the doors open, and all the soldiers there die instantly. Gandalf steps forward alone to face the invaders, and here it fades to black.

Steve Yun

Hey folks, Harry here... Well NEW LINE requested that these pictures be taken down... Which is a shame, because while funky quality, I loved what they were showing. That shot of Gandalf riding through the black forest was breath-taking... HOWEVER, they've put up 26 new pictures for you to look at too. CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT OUT!!!

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