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Is David Peoples Writing THE LONE RANGER'!

Hey, everyone. "Moriarty" here with some Rumblings From The Lab.

So here’s one of those rumors that shows up in the e-mail box, and at first, you almost delete it and move on...

... but there’s something to it. Something about the specificity of it. For example, I didn’t know Doug Wick owned the rights to THE LONE RANGER. Turns out, he’s the one producing it, alright. According to 4Filmmakers, here’s the summary for the movie:

”Left for dead in an ambush with five other Texas Rangers, lawman John Reid survives and is nursed back to health by an Indian scout named Tonto. He then dons a mask to avenge the murders of his comrades and to foil evildoers, never accepting payment for his services. His gratis vigilantism is made possible by the silver mine he inherits from one of his slain brothers -- the same mine that affords him his endless supply of trademark silver bullets.”

Okay. So in light of that, could the following be true?


david peoples (bladerunner, unforgiven, 12 monkeys) has told me that he was hired by douglas wick (stuart little, gladiator) to write a "lone ranger" screenplay, as it seems that westerns are supposed to be coming back in a big way.

Well, if anyone’s qualified to write this film and make it good, it’s David Peoples. Anyone who’s read his scripts for UNFORGIVEN or TO THE WHITE SEA or SOLDIER knows exactly what he’s capable of, and he seems to have a particular affinity for revenge stories. And as far as Westerns go, I've heard some pretty amazing things about Ron Howard's upcoming Western, with one source describing it as "SILENCE OF THE LAMBS meets THE SEARCHERS."

I’ll definitely poke around to see what else we can come up with on this story...

"Moriarty" out.

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