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Albert Hughes to play HIDE & SEEK without brother Allen...

Hey folks, Harry here... In a strange development according to Variety, Albert Hughes has decided to direct HIDE & SEEK without the co-direction of brother Allen. Personally, I'm a little bummed about this cuz having met the brothers Hughes a couple of times, I was always taken by how energetic they were together, and can't really imagine them not working together on their films... I suppose that they needed time off, decided to pursue separate artistic goals, or just take a temporary break from each other to see what would happen.

So what is HIDE & SEEK? Well it's a story about a Father and Daughter that are left without the Wife/Mom who dies when the Daughter is quite young. Apparently the little girl begins dealing with the loss of her mother in a terrifying way which incorporates an imaginary friend not named Captain Howdy ( I think.) While I was not a fan of FROM HELL, the last Hughes flick, I am very much a fan of their other work like DEAD PRESIDENTS, MENACE II SOCIETY and AMERICAN PIMP ( find it! )

Does this mean an end to "THE HUGHES BROTHERS" as a tandem team? I don't believe so. I know that they have in development at least 4 films including CONVICTION, THE ENFORCER, PUBLIC ENEMIEZ and an Untitled Natalie Portman Film... and I'd love to see them get that Jimi Hendrix project of theirs off the ground. Anyway, another Horror film in the works... let's hope Albert doesn't pull his punches with this sucker!

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