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CARTER BEATS THE DEVIL moving forward with Colossus & Gigolo Joe aboard'''

Hey folks, Harry here... Ok, here's an interesting rumor... Interesting because it is about Glen David Gold's brilliant novel, "CARTER BEATS THE DEVIL." Rumor because well... this goes against most of what we thought we knew of the project. As of about a year ago, this project was at Paramount. The property was purchased by Tom Cruise, Robert Towne was on board to direct and Michael Arndt was working on the screenwriting duties. Literally though, almost nothing has been said about this project in a year, and along comes a RUMOR that the project is now over at Miramax (or at the least may be being co-produced by Miramax and Paramount). That Tom Cruise is no longer headed to be Carter, but JUDE LAW... oh... and apparently according to this rumor Glen David Gold was adapting it himself to screenplay form. Frankly... all of that sounds lovely, but there's a chance this is baloney, so treat this as a RUMOR - not as fact and we're working on it for y'all! This is a project I would love to see done justice to!

Greetings Harry,

An informant of mine at Miramax tells me that the adaptation of Glen David Gold's 'Carter Beats the Devil' (by the author himself- a new trend as seen with David Benioff's 25th Hour) has now been greenlit by Weinstein himself. The company is saving money on the project as the scale is colossal. Speaking of colossal, X2's Colossus (Daniel Cudmore) is tipped for a role slightly larger than that in Singer's epic, as the famous magician Charles Carter's brother's boyfriend... confused? Jude Law is in talks to take the lead role as Carter -not much to talk about as from the sound of things, this will be the role to cement his career. There has been no talk of who is to direct yet, but Wes Anderson is a massive fan of the novel and after he's wrapped his current project this would be ideal- do we smell a rewrite in the air from the quirky genius?

Over and out,

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