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Sorkin Exits WEST WING!!

I am – Hercules!!

Enjoy the next two episodes of “West Wing.” The ones after are going to sound a lot different.

TV supergenius Aaron Sorkin, who has personally authored or co-authored almost every episode of the NBC drama since its debut almost four years ago, announced Thursday he is leaving the show.

This should prove a crippling blow to the Emmy-winning series, which has been struggling in the ratings even with a TV supergenius at the helm.

The show will continue to be produced by John Wells, the longtime “ER” showrunner who went on to create “Third Watch” and “Presidio Med.”

Let’s hope Sorkin gets back to work soon, and turns his attention to an enterprise every bit as excellent as “West Wing” and “Sports Night.”

Speaking of: Hey, Touchstone Home Video! How about a “Sports Night” DVD without the laugh track, already!

I am – Hercules!!

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