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BUFFY/ANGEL Report From Cleveland's Vulkon!!

I am – Hercules!!

What’s a Vulkon? Who cares? Iyari Limon is soooo cute. And it brings exciting quotage related to the finest television ever forged:

Hey Herc!

I'm writing to you with some info/tidbits from the Buffy Vulkon that took place this past weekend in Cleveland, Ohio. The guests included James Marsters, Andy Hallett, James Leary/Clem, Robin Atkin Downes/Reptile Boy, Babylon5, and in her first Con appearance ever, Iyari Limon/Kennedy.

When asked about the likelihood of appearing on Angel, James's outlook was not all that positive. He expressed very clearly that he was definitely "in talks" and that he 100% wanted to be a regular on the show. He really wants to do it, but from what he said, it may not be very likely. He explained that AtS has a limited amount of $ to spend for its regulars and being a cast regular is the only way he would consider it. He does not want to do a guest arc on the show because it would cause him to bleach his hair, etc... which would deter him from seeking other roles. He said that for him to become a regular, the show would surely have to lose a regular character to pay his salary. Everyone in the audience suggested that we would gladly see Connor get the axe for our weekly Spike fix. To that James said that he would never take someone else's job away to be in the show. So Boo Hoo, it's not looking so good. He also mentioned not being approached by the Lucas people to do the GMT role in Episode III. He said he has talked to Lucas before and was called in to read for Anakin of all things, but knew he wouldn't get it due to his age. Turns out that George's daughter is a huge Spike fan and wanted her dad to meet him because he's a great actor. But when he found out that the Peter cushing role was being connected to him, he was thrilled and said he would love, love, love, to be a part of anything related to Star Wars. All in all, he was a very gracious and so super-hot! His eyes are so blue and my heart was simply pounding.

Andy Hallett from Angel was a complete and hilarious hoot. He told alot of stories about the cast on AtS, all funny, silly, and complimentary. When asked about the renewal of Angel, he asked his agent who said there's no renewal as yet. The deadline as you know is May 15 and Andy seemed anxious to know too. He was kinda hungover/really tired during his Q&A cluching a can of Red Bull, even so he was a complete charmer. He's so sweet and funny and his demeanor is very similar to Lorne's. He said that his agent thinks he talks too much at Cons and that he has gotten in trouble before. He mentioned a picture where he was showing off a tattoo but ended up being a picture with a little too much ass in it. A fan promptly brings him this picture and he's cracking up that it's on the web and proudly signs the pic. He was such a good sport and as much as I love Spike, his was the most fun Q&A session. He told a story about him and Suge Knight arguing over a plate of Hot Wings! He and James Leary and Robin judged a Karaoke Contest later that night. He was keen on singing "Islands in the Stream" but unfortunately that song was not in their repetoire. He told wonderful stories about his friendship with Joss and their mutual love of Karaoke bars. He was just great!

The biggest surprise for me was Iyari Limon. I am a total "Love Tara/Hate Kennedy" person. But after this Con, I will say that I love Iyari Limon! She was so genuine and sweet, completely accessible to everyone and seemed really happy to be there. She had the cutest accent of Latina-ness slipping in, but wasn't all J-Lo. She looked really tiny and cute. She dressed like kind of 80s punk throwback, with lots of striped tshirts and pants with zippers and gadgets on them. The styles were definitely new, updated, but she had that Pat Benatar "Promises in the Dark" look with lots of red and black rubber bracelets. Her hair had been highlighted with blonde slightly and was shorter and slightly layered. Okay, I know this is no fashion report, but she looked tres cool. She was a little nervous about her Q&A and someone tried to ask her about the situation on the set when SMG announced that she would be leaving. They asked if there was aniomosity on the set directed at SMG. She looked horrified and did not know what to say, the crowd suggested she say "No Comment" and she collected herself and said that she was too new to be able to read the emotions/ thoughts of the rest of the cast. She also said that she has had alot of flack regading Kennedy's relationship with Willow, letters etc... But that she is simply thrilled to be a part of the show and is very seriously honored to have her scenes with Allyson Hannigan. She also said that both Adam Busch/Warren and Willow are great kissers, but that Adam in particular dug the kissing scenes alot.

Everyone seemed to have a great time. I have tons of super personal pictures. Hopefully this info was of interest to you. Herc love ya and have a blast at the Buh-Bye Bash!

With love- SPIKEPET

I am – Hercules!!

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