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From the UK - RED DWARF movie & Peter Sellers Movie news!

Hey folks, Harry here... Never been a RED DWARF fan, but I worship at the altar of Peter Sellers... BEING THERE is one of the great perfect films of all time. Anyway, had a rather lengthy conversation earlier today with a filmmaking friend regarding the PINK PANTHER flick that MGM is endeavoring to force upon us... and we both agreed that Mike Myers isn't worthy of so much as a single raised Sellers' eyebrow. Though I must say, this biopic with Geoffrey Rush as Peter Sellers... that's... fascinating to me. In a strange inbred way, it seems to make sense. Which means it is immediately wrong. I say they should cast Eddie Murphy.... .... .... .... ok, I'm kidding. Here ya go...

Hello, A friend recommended your site last month and I thought I'd contrubute since I saw from the Red Dwarf article that you cover British movies too. I'm from Sydney but now temporarily work in UK because the studio work is very busy! I have info on 2 things, since you mentioned Red Dwarf recently I thought I'd let you know that while I was working on an Aussie TV film at Pinewood Studios, I bumped into the Chris Barrie double this month during pickup shots for Tomb Raider 2. He said he was about to work on Red Dwarf when Tomb Raider finishes -again as Chris Barrie's double and they are to film at a derelict refinery complex in Oxford towards the west side of the city, which will be the exterior shots of a huge crash site. There will also be filming at a military armoury somewhere in Hampshire that was also used for the last Bond movie.

Also at Shepperton Studios the filming of the Peter Sellers movie has finally begun, The papers both here and in Sydney have been quite excited about this for months but personally I was sceptical of the casting of Geoffrey Rush as Sellers. A friend who sent me this call sheet from the production said that Rush has nailed it perfectly, from his quirky mannerisms to the sly grin are all spot on. It charts his early career as a penniless actor in Birmingham before moving down to the bright lights of London looking for work, right up until his sad death. The title on the call sheet is a working title and apparently the titles being thrown around the Producers office is either "Life and Death" or just "Sellers". They have just finished shooting the scene where Sellers accepts the job to star in Return of the Pink Panther. On this particular day from the callsheet they travelled all the crew and extras from Shepperton in Middlesex to London. The set of Sellers' agent is in Portland Place which I understand is actually where his agent's office was. I wish I was working that day! As a big fan of Peter Sellers in my youth I am excited that they are going to cover his time on the Goon Show, which has the potential to be absolutely hilarious if nailed correctly. John Lithgow and Michael Caine will have cameos at some point apparently! If required I can keep you updated.

Oz Mark

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