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Herc's Fondest 24 Dream Realized''

I am – Hercules!!

Okay, this is from a source we’ve never dealt with. But if it’s not true, and this "Brizbane" is just getting back at us for our April Fools prank, I still hope to make it true just by posting it here. Behold the wholly unconfirmed cool piled on cool:


What's up man! Got some 24 dirt for you. I was working on 24 last Tuesday when they were filming downtown. I'll give you the short of what I saw. The piece I worked on was from the last 10 minutes of hour 24. The President says a few words to press and onlookers, walks through the crowd to his limo (surrounded by secret service of course), he is shaking hands with many of the onlookers, gets to the limo, turns to the crowd for one last wave and notices a very beautiful and eager young woman in the crowd desperately seeking to shake his hand, the President approaches her and shakes her hand before he leaves in the limo. Now this is a move that I believe President Palmer will live to regret in Season Three because the young woman was none other than the very beautiful and very much non-naked Mandy! Yes, I had a visual sighting of Mia Kirschner on the set of 24! Geek boys rejoice! I do know a bit more of why non-naked Mandy is shaking the President's hand but I don't want to ruin the entire suprise :)

Peace out!


Naked Mandy …

I am – Hercules!!

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