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KNIGHT RIDER movie... coming...

Hey folks, Harry here... Yup, this is completely true. In addition to all of this... The film is set to be distributed by Sony, Hasselhoff will have a role in the film, but not Michael Knight. William Daniels will be the voice of KITT and though dead, Edward Mulhare will apparently be back, but as a hologram... (Don't ask me, I don't know) The script has had Glen Larson, Paul Lovett and David Elliot working on it. I'm curious how this will end up doing, because frankly... Universal has a SPY HUNTER film with The Rock set up, and that car is apparently going to be tranforming into all sorts of super cool things and doing badass stunt after badass stunt... BUT... KNIGHT RIDER does have that cool title music, though personally, AIR WOLF owned KNIGHT RIDER's ass!

Hi Harry,

Don't know if you've come across this by now, but some British newspapers are reporting about the up and coming Knight Rider movie. Apparently David Hasselhoff, has been hired by Revolution Studio as an executive producer for the film which they're pitching as an action comedy!

Who's your money on for a modern Michael Knight?

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