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McKellen on X3 and RETURN OF THE KING!

Hey folks, Harry here... "Better than the first two put together." Dear god, can you imagine if that is actually true? I do know this, when I was there a zillion years ago, the film I saw the most shooting on was RETURN OF THE KING. The Frodo and Sam I saw were brutal... I mean, I can't help but remember that detail of the chain upon which the one ring hanging, pulled into Frodo's skin... a festering sore from where it lay. One of those subtle details to illustrate how "Heavy" the ring was growing. I remember that John Noble's Denethor performance was the favorite performance that I've seen regarding LOTR thus far. I absolutely loved his look, his line delivery... the unhinged manner with which he held himself. For those that have read RETURN OF THE KING and know what is ahead... You know what is left. This is the film where everything comes together, where everything gets really really really bad... where no character is left unscathed. This is the film where the shit really hits the fan, and frankly... if what is left, is done on par with what we've seen... then yeah... I can easily see how it is better than the first two put together. CAN NOT FRIGGIN WAIT! As for X3... mannnnnnn, I can't even let my brain think about that. I'm having a hard enough time waiting the remaining two weeks... ARGH! or is it 3 weeks... Here ya go...

Hi Harry, minor bit of info for you, on Radio 2 in the UK, Ian Mckellen is being interviewed as I type about a play hes been doing in Londons West End, he went on to mention that hes going back to New Zealand for 2 weeks at the beginning of June for pick ups on ROTK "To make the film more emotional" and went on to say hes had reports from the production staff that "King" is "Better than the first two put together" He also mentioned the heads of Fox are so impressed by X2 that a third film is definitely on the cards, and in an aside he said jokingly that unfortunately Rebecca Romijn Stamos being naked whilst working together is wasted on him being a gay man.  

Ps this is only the second time I've written to you, the first was to thank you for helping me and two friends get roles in Episode 1 as extras when you posted news of a casting call at Leavesden studios, worked on it for 5 days, great to be able to say George Lucas directed me in a scene! Had a great time.  

Cheers mate  

Call me Lorenzo St DuBois

And here's Moses... (that just felt cool to type!)

Hi there Harry, posted along time ago about some Aardman news, well now I'm back with some exclusive info on LOTR: The Return of the king.

Just been at the BBC and was a member of the audience for the Parkinson show. His third and final guest was none other than Sir Ian McKellen.

What Sir Ian had to say was rather interesting. He is currently in a production 'Dance of Death' which will be finishing Mid June at which point he is having to leave to film some new scenes for Peter Jackson as Gandalf. What these scenes are he did not go into, but did smile when questioned on his role.

Guess we will all just have to wait....


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