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The latest on CHURCHILL: THE HOLLYWOOD YEARS with Christian Slater as Winston Churchill!

Hey folks, Harry here... If you remember, about 3 weeks ago we had a report that indeed this movie was happening. If you're a fan of Peter Richardson, then this is a film you'll be looking forward to, if you haven't a clue who that is, then this will be a film that will most likely surprise you. Speaking of Christian Slater... I just scored that new TRUE ROMANCE dvd that came out last year and holy shit what a great dvd! That deleted scene with him and Alabama in the bathtub talking Janis Joplin... what a great frickin' scene!

Hey Harry

It's SIRNIK here from the UK it's been a few years since i last sent ya anything but i thought you might be interested in this.

Over The last week or so there has been alot of filming going on around my area for a new movie called

Churchill: The Hollywood Years

Directed by Peter Richardson this is a spoof on the whole Churchill era with the one and only Christian Slater playing Winston Churchill and Neve Campbell as The Queen Mother in her early years it also stars loads of top british comedians Vir Reeves Bob Mortimer Harry Enfield the list is endless if there British and they Funny they in it.

So anyways on with my scoops for the last couple of days they have been filming at a place called Oldway Mansion it is being used as A double for Buckingham Palace i've hanging around they chatting to extra's and crew and taking a few pics which i've included.

This morning i was down there chatting to an Extra i knew who informed me that today they were filming a scene where the NAZI's storm the ballroom and Christian Slater gets on stage and starts Rapping.

I am meeting up with some of the extras later and they are gonna fill me in proper but for now here's a few pics

PIC1 Slater as Churchill in Navy Gear

PIC2 Some Extras

PIC3 Olldway mansion



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