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UPDATED! An Absolute BadAss Look At Some MATRIX RELOADED Spot!!!

Harry here... alright, we got one that wasn't cluttered with a ton of that frickin' Entertainment Tonight Crap... Get it quick, before our traffic causes a server to begin "aicn"...

The Red Pill

It's about 6Mb!



Hey folks, Harry here with the spot shown on E.T. Hopefully, the official site will have a badass super Quicktime Version of it up soon, but till then... I've got some links to help you guys and gals out. If it doesn't make your mouth drool like Niagra, then its time to pull the cotton out buddy! Just a month away, absolutely CAN NOT WAIT!!!!

ET Tonight showed some never before seen clips of Matrix Reloaded and it’s most likely a TV Spot.

Here are the links to the spot:  





And if MPG ain't your thing, try this Windows Media file...


Just found this link:

In Windows Media Format!

It has new footage (and old) from The Matrix Reloaded.  Dig the disappearing/reappearing Twin part, baby.

-TJ Smoov

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