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MATRIX RELOADED Soundtrack Details + More!

Hey folks, Harry here... Interesting day here at Geek HQ, getting some interesting tid and bits for you guys coming in. First, get your ass over to EnterTheMatrixGame.Com for the trailer they've just put out that is... um... moderately cool... yeah, mhmm, yup... hehehehe... Then you have the details on the Matrix Reloaded Soundtrack below. I'm actually looking forward to seeing how the Rage Against the Machine number will be used in the film. And agree with DaveW about not being able to imagine a Matrix film ending with Dave Matthew's WHEN THE WORLD ENDS... but hey, we'll see. Here ya go...

Matrix Reloaded Soundtrack is as follows. Sounds pretty cool. Although I can't imagine a Matrix film ending to Dave Matthew's When the World Ends...

Disc 1

01. Linkin Park - Session

02. Marilyn Manson - This Is the New S**t

03. Rob Zombie - Reload

04. Rob D - Furious Angels

05. Deftones - Lucky You

06. Team Sleep - Passportal

07. P.O.D. - Sleeping Awake

08. UnLoco - Bruises

09. Rage Against The Machine - Calm Like A Bomb

10. Oakenfold - Dread Rock

11. Fluke - Zion

12. Dave Matthews - When The World Ends

Disc 2

01. Don Davis - Main Title

02. Don Davis - Trinity Dream

03. Juno Reactor - Tea House

04. Rob D - Chateau

05. Juno Reactor - Mona Lisa Overdrive

06. Don Davis vs. Juno Reactor - Burly Brawl

07. Don Davis - Reloaded Suite


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