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INDIANA JONES IV is on page 80 claims Frank Darabont!

Hey folks, Harry here... Today over at Dark Horizons, Garth linked to a story that someone named "soccer_mom56" posted to another site. The crazed footsie playing brood mare claimed that a motorcycle riding Harrison Ford (that's a cool image right?) rode up on her and said that he had the script for the 4th Indiana Jones film which booked in at over 200 pages... "maybe 225-250." And the term... "Pretentious" came up.

Well, when Garth linked to the story innocently enough, the link was forwarded, as links often do, to Frank Darabont, who literally made him crazy. So crazy that he went to site to retort. His insanity went so far as to then get into an arguement with the wild source, and well... Personally, I find Frank's exasperation pretty darn funny. Frank's a really nice guy. He deserves this sort of pain in the neck occassionally because he owns nearly all the original Bernie Wrightson FRANKENSTEIN Original Art... and he should be tormented regularly for not sharing with other immature collectors of cool stuff...

Of course the real problem that Frank has found himself in is proving that he is indeed Frank Darabont, and not some crazed ping-pong addict that happens to love SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION or the glorious MAJESTIC. This is where I enter the story.

I got an email from Frank, as has Garth. In the email, Frank assures us that Frank is Frank, provides his office number - which is indeed his office number, and besides... the letter was coming from Frank's email address... or at least the man that shows up on set and claims he's Frank Darabont. The real Frank Darabont... I feel nobody has actually met. He's kept in some strange hidden room at Frank's 17th Century French Chateau, which the "alleged" Darabont bought with his grant money he received at USC. hehehe.

In reality, Frank Darabont is on page 80 of the Indiana Jones script. He says that Harrison Ford won't be reading the script till Steven Spielberg hands him a copy, which won't happen till Frank finishes the script to Steven's delight. Frank has told me that he is "Loving what I'm writing, but it's going slower than..." he'd like. Frank would not divulge any details of the script, nor would he give the title out. Though he claims that Steven and George know the title. I'll work both of them over next! Meanwhile, I think that it is time to relax, let Frank get back to writing, because he told me that the day he's finished with INDY 4, he's going to begin work... at last... on FAHRENHEIT 451... his personal dream project... and that my friends... that will be a day of great celebration!

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