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Pre-Production art of Minas Morgul from RETURN OF THE KING!!!

Hey folks, Harry here... I just got my copy of the ART OF THE TWO TOWERS which will be hitting bookstores soon. This baby is an incredible tip of the iceberg of the craftsmanship, artistry and love that went into crafting this film. As wonderful as this book is at illustrating the process that went into making this film, you know that for every picture inclued there must be 10 other works that they were choosing from... My only complaint is that I wish it was 4 times as thick. And this picture... well if it doesn't get you drooling, take the cotton out...

Hey Harry,

Minas Morgul!!! Sorry for the lo-rez scan but that's all I could do with my AOL dialup.

Here's a production painting out of the just-released 'Art of the Two Towers' book, a teaser for next year's 'Art of Return of the King', written by the great Gary Russell, (also current producer of Doctor Who -on audio- for the BBC)

Don't know if you can run this or not... but it can't hurt the book's sales!


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