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Tidbits on VAN HELSING!

Hey folks, Harry here... Our spy on VAN HELSING, a bloke I'll call "Heinsite" has been telling me little things as of late. He had mentioned that the film had an opening involving Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, which I didn't believe because I hadn't heard that before, but Hugh Jackman confrimed that in an interview with EMPIRE (which I'll get to in just a bit). Heinsite has not been a fan of the MUMMY films, but feels that this one looks to be a lot better. Apparently they have a trailer, that has been seen by some of the crew on the movie, and Heinsite says that everyone has described it as being quite awesome.

Meanwhile, over at EMPIRE - they had the oh so cool class to sit down with one badass muther we all love named Wolverine... um, I mean Van Hels... I mean Hugh Jackman. And here's what they managed to get out of him...

" a mercenary for the Catholic Church who is out there killing or dealing with possessed souls of all different shapes and sizes. Right at the beginning of the movie you meet Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, which introduces my character. So he's out there dealing with these rogue demons that have taken over bodies. And as it turns out, Dracula, whose existence has been known to the Church in Transylvania, is kind of starting to get out of control, and so they send Van Helsing, on a big mission to find him. Anna, Kate Beckinsale's character, is the youngest and final member of the family whose job it is to try and track Dracula for 400 years. 'So that's how we meet up and Frankenstein becomes involved because..."

For the rest of what Mr Jackman has to say, CLICK HERE TO READ!

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