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Robogeek dishes more on GOONIES 2 and other Sean Astin projects

Hey folks, Harry here... Ol Robogeek was in College Station (home of every good Austinite's maroon clad enemies) to witness and record Sean Astin's every move. His sensors recorded many details and his neural net has calculated many probable links... As always, they're mostly relevant. Here he is with ADDITIONAL info...

Howdy, Harry! Robogeek here again.

I saw the excellent report you posted regarding Sean Astin's visit to the Texas Film Festival (at Texas A&M this past Saturday), and wanted to follow-up with some additional information.

This probably goes without saying, but Sean simply could not have been more gracious or delightful. The fit-and-trim actor-director (looking quite un-hobbit-like) was equal parts insightful, amusing, and touching -- and consistently unassuming and articulate. It was obvious he has at least as big a heart as the characters he's most famous for -- the beloved Mikey, Rudy and Sam -- which was not only refreshing but inspiring. (For instance, after a clip of RUDY was screened, Sean didn't talk about himself, but singled out Jerry Goldsmith's beautiful score, and how much it added to the movie.) To say he was warmly received by the audience would be an understatement; by the end of his visit, he had earned the devotion of over 400 people in attendance who will never, ever forget the experience. (And as the festival's founder, I must say I was extremely proud to witness it.)

BTW, there's a really wonderful report over at that I highly recommend reading. It's a very sweet, personal account of Sean's visit written from a fan's perspective, and offers a lot of details...

www.theonering.n et/perl/newsview/7/1046015720

At any rate, I gleaned some additional information from Sean at a small reception prior to the main event, which I wanted to share...

Regarding a sequel to THE GOONIES, Sean indeed said that he's got a complete story all worked out in his head, and was visibly enthused by it. At last year's Golden Globes he mentioned this to Spielberg (who seems intent on producing it), but was told that a script was already in the works and nearing completion (though I don't know the writer). Since then, though, Sean hasn't heard anything else about the project's status.

However, Sean did express very strong interest in directing the GOONIES sequel himself (!) -- but only if Richard Donner declined to direct. (Having seen Sean's excellent work on a recent episode of ANGEL ["Soulless"], I'd be very interested to see him do this.)

Sean also mentioned a school violence drama he's developing, based on a story by REAR WINDOW author Corne ll Woolrich that he's acquired the rights to (and which was previously adapted as an episode of Alfred Hitchcock Presents). In particular, he hopes to build on the questions and issues raised on Michael Moore's BOWLING FOR COLUMBINE, which he expressed great admiration for (and encouraged everyone to see).

The project Sean seemed most excited about -- and which he formally announced at the Texas Film Festival -- is ISAAC'S STORM, an epic historical drama set against the Galveston hurricane of 1900 (the worst natural disaster in U.S. history) which he plans to direct and produce. His passion for this project was palpable and infectious, and seemed due in equal parts to Erik Larson's eponymous book and the screenplay by Lynne Kelly Messenger, which he developed. More information is at

Anyway, I wish all of you could've attended, but if and when you ever get the chance to see Sean in person, I highly recommend seizing the opportunity.

Thank you, Sean!


- Robogeek

P.S.: Oh, and btw... Congrats, Norah!

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