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Early Test Screening look at Jim Carrey's BRUCE ALMIGHTY!!!

Hey folks, Harry here with a sketchy review from "db" of BRUCE ALMIGHTY, the first full on Jim Carrey comedy since ME, MYSELF & IRENE. The trailers have seemed funny, and some of the gags talked about below sound quite funny and the reviewer says it is funny, so I wonder if it'll be funny... Funny how ya never know somethings funny till you're laughing... Nice to see that Tom Shadyac and Jim Carrey haven't abandoned "Ass Humor" after all, it's been a staple since Walt Disney's Black & White Mickey Mouse cartoons... You ever noticed how many danger and damage to ass jokes there are in those cartoons. I tell ya, Walt Disney Incorporated was built upon cashing in on the ass. It is true, look into it... Those early Mickey Cartoons, not Disney's ass... it's cold in there! This one hits May 23rd. Beware of gag spoilers...


I saw a preview of Bruce Almighty in Elk Grove,CA last Wednesday night. They said it was the first screening anywhere.. Yah!!! After filling out a 2 page questionnaire (all 350 people), spent about 1 hour answering questions (with a group of 24 other people).  

Very, very funny! They rated the special effects to be 5 out of 10 (not completed yet).  

Jim Carey was great. I'm not a big Carey fan but he has come back from his serious roles but did not play this over the top.  Morgan Freeman was fantastic as God, the perfect voice of reason.  And Jennifer Aniston played the same character she always does, the ditsy blond (still hot though..J  

The basic story is: Jim Carey is a local reporter lusting after the anchor job that is up for grabs when the current elder anchor retires. He is in a tight race with another reporter for the job. Jim is always being sent to the odd stories. It starts with him covering a bakery going for the local record for the largest cookie. As he is taping this, different things happen. First time, the 40 year old son of the bakery owner is picking his nose, Jim tells him to stop..  Restart taping, "Why go for the record?"   The Bakery Owner replies with a thick accent, "I don't know why they closed us down for 30 days because of a few rat's were found in the flour..." Restart Taping, "I did it for the neighborhood kids..."  

You had to be there...J  

Basically, things go bad and Jim Carey blames god for everything... The last thing that sets him off is just as he is about to go for his first live shot on the 150 anniversary of the "Queen of the River" (Niagara Falls) It's announced that his rival got the anchor job.. Jim tries to hold it together but loses it on camera.   

He gets fired, gets beat up for trying to help a bum that has been roughed up by a street gang, and on the ride home, he keeps asking God for a sign, any sign... Meanwhile he passes a Casino Sign, and then another truck full for street signs like stop signs, danger ahead, yield, etc..  And finally runs into a street lamp...  

God has caused this all to help, according to Jim Carey.  

Cut to the next day, his pager goes off, over and over.. Then finally he throws it out the window, where it gets run over by a truck and is smashed.   The next day he is taking the dog out to go to the bathroom.. (Well, it always starts inside and as they carry the dog out, it's whizzing away, just to end when they get it to the grass outside)  

He hears his beeper going off..  He goes to the middle the street to find his beeper in pieces but still working..   

He calls the number and is asked to come for a job interview.. He ends up in a empty warehouse where he meets.. God. God has a complete file on him.. Basically it comes down to, if you think you can do a better job, do it.  And Bruce (Jim) walks about with all of God's powers.. Of course, he does not believe him. Things like reaching for the sugar, it jumps in his hand. Reaching for cream, same thing.. He gets tomato soup, and starts to believe and parts the soup.. (Very Funny)  

So then he begins to use his powers, to right his wrongs. Things like Chevy Chase in Modern Problems, has wild sex with Jennifer A.   

You can use any and all of that if you'd like.. I'm not very good at it but I gave it a shot!  


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